MSI P4N SLI motherboard has a build in nVidea nForce 04 NIC. OpenSolaris doesn’t have driver for it, however a driver can be downloaded from Masayuki Murayama’s Free NIC drivers for Solaris page (Drivers there are SPARC/x86 capable, one might need a functional 64 bit compiler to recompile them for their platform). His driver will […]

ZFS (Part 1)

Over the last year I was getting more and more curious/excited about OpenSolaris. Specifically I got interested in ZFS – Sun’s new filesystem/volume manager. So I finally got my act together and gave it a whirl. Test system: Pentium 4, 3.0Ghz in an MSI P4N SLI motherboard. Three ATA Seagate ST3300831A hard drives, one Maxtor […]

Storage and power consumption costs

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about storage. Specifically, at one point I’ve used a Promise 8 disk IDE to SCSI hardware RAID enclosure, attached to a Sun system, and formatted with UFS. Hardware RAID 5 eliminated problems with losing data due to disk dieing in a fiery death. I bought 10 Maxtor 120 […]


Just in case I need to analyze kernel crash dumps under Solaris SPARC ever again, this is CTEact, the infamous act tool. Dave doesn’t let me upload anything but the pictures and movies (heh!), so this will have to be renamed apropriately. CTEact 7.17 SPARC, covers Solaris 2.5 through to 8 CTEact 8.2 SPARC, covers […]


My first Sun system was a Sun 3/260, that was surplus from DND. Based on what I understand, it was a screw-up on DND’s part, as while the system lacked hard drives, it still was Tempest shielded (and general public is not supposed to gain access to Tempest shielded gear). It wasn’t a “normal” Sun3 […]


Anyhone has any clue why vast majority of the dynamic linkers out there (Solaris, Linux, BSD etc) all use LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to specify where to load dynamic libraries from, yet Darwin/MacOS X uses DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH? *grumble* Compiling Alladin GhostScript 8.51 from source. It’s not hard, just quirky. Oh, and jpgsrc-6 and zlib-1.2.2 both need a config.sub […]

Rendering a manpage

This is more of a general unix hint, that is not really MacOS X specific. If you have a manpage that you want to look at, that is not in $MANPATH, (Something that got installed by hand into a custom directory, for example something that was built and installed using ./configure –prefix=/opt/packagename && make install […]